AlMurtada Class

This term we are learning about:

English & Maths: Monday 12th March - Friday 29th March 2018


  • Listen to two stories of Sinbad the Sailor
  • Identify and Discuss themes of 1001 Nights
  • Listen to the end of the frame story from 1001 Nights
  • Investigate synonyms and antonyms of adjectives
  • Identify prefixes to produce antonyms from root words
  • Identify suffixes to create verbs - ise, ify, -en
  • Word families
  • Find out about Nasrettin’s Hoca’s tales
  • Identify direct and indirect speech
  • Pira Spring Comprehension Assessment
  • Writing Assessment
  • Grammar and Spelling Assessment
  • Plan and write own Nasrettin Hoca tale
  • Edit and Redraft tale of Nasrettin Hoca


  • Circles
  • Co-Ordiantes
  • Transations
  • Reflections
  • Revision
  • Puma Spring Test Papers
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