AlZahraa Class

This term we are learning about:

English & Maths: Thursday 4th January - Friday 19th January 2018


  •  Begin to understand what a legend is and carry out research into mythical creatures.
  •  Discuss use of apostrophes in plurals and possessives.
  •  Correct sentences using apostrophes so that they are used appropriately.
  •  Read/listen to ‘The Seal Children’ and text map the opening.
  •  Identify powerful verbs from a story opening.
  •  Discuss features of legends.
  •  Collect exciting and interesting vocabulary.
  •  Write a descriptive paragraph.
  •  Identify powerful adjectives and verbs in a written description of Grendel.
  •  Create and describe own mythical creatures.


  •  Understand that when we divide by 10, digits shift one place to the right.
  •  Understand what each digit represents in a number with one decimal place.
  •  Place 3-digit numbers on a 0–1000 with 100s marked with some degree of accuracy.
  •  Solve a problem using knowledge of place value.
  •  Order at least 10 numbers with 1 decimal place.
  •  Recognize decimal and fraction forms of tenths (only 1/10s and 0.1s, not 1/5s and multiples of 0.2, for example)

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