AlZahraa Class

This term we are learning about:

English & Maths: Monday 14th May - Friday 25th May 2018


  • Begin to understand features of persuasive writing
  • Analyse examples of persuasive writing, highlighting key features
  • Begin to think about how to write their own piece of persuasive writing
  • Understand the purpose, audience and style of their writing
  • Recognize importance of good presentation and neat handwriting
  • Continue and finish writing their persuasive text


  • Begin to understand fractions as numbers and as operators.
  • Find unit fractions of amounts using practical resources.
  • Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator, answers less than 1, using a supporting image
  • Use knowledge of times tables and place value to multiply single-digit numbers by multiples of 10, e.g. 9 × 40, then write corresponding divisions.
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