AlZahraa Class

This term we are learning about:

English & Maths: Monday 12th March - Thursday 29th March 2018


  • Create an urban wildlife spotter sheet
  • Use illustrations to predict what might happen in ‘The Wolves in the Walls’
  • Identify different tenses – present and past and forms of verbs such as present perfect
  • Read non-chronological reports and assimilate information given
  • Analyse features of non-chronological reports
  • Pira end of Spring term assessment


  • Understand angles as degrees of turn
  • Know that a right angle is a quarter turn
  • Identify equivalent fractions up to twelfths with a supporting image
  • Reduce fractions to their simplest form
  • Add and subtract fractions with the same denominators within 2 wholes using a fraction line
  • Puma end of Spring term assessment 
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