3FF Houses of Parliament Launch

The Headteacher was delighted to attend 3FF's inaugural launch of its Faith School Linking Programme on Thursday 13th October in Westminster.

Faith School Linking provides students of different faiths, beliefs and cultures with sustainable opportunities to meet and learn from each other through meaningful exchange. The programme actively supports teachers in cultivating essential skills for effective interfaith and intercultural work in the classroom and beyond, increasing recognition and respect for different beliefs and cultures.

The event was hosted by William Wragg MP, and was attended by a selected number of leaders in education, including policy, teachers, students, relevant MP’s and faith leaders engaged in interfaith work.

Harrow Primary's work on this front can be located here:

Y2 World Book Day

Year 2 enjoyed talking about the character they dressed up as for World Book Day. The children then re-enacted a short scene from their story books ensuring that their tone of voice and the resources they used, fitted well within their character's role. We had our very own Geography teacher who tested the children's knowledge about various countries with extra house points as the reward for answering questions. All the children participated enthusiastically!!

Harrow Constabulary Visit

On 26th Nov, 2015 we welcomed Superintendent Mark Wolski, the Borough Assistant Commander, to meet with parents and discuss safety community matters in light of recent global events. Parents and carers had an opportunity to discuss and share views openly and honestly with the Assistant Commander. Thank you to all the parents who attended and also a special thanks to Superintendent Mark.

Faith School Links

Year 5 and 6 went on an amazing trip to Wembley stadium as part of our faith school link project with Noam Primary, we had a fantastic day getting to know each other. We did lots of activities and toured the stadium. 

For further information on this exciting project:

Year 5 - British Museum

Year 5 visited the British Museum as part of their term 1 curriculum. It proved to be an exciting and very informative trip. The students took part in a practical session at the Digital Samsung Centre where they examined duplicates of artefacts and attempted to date them using deductive reasoning skills. Following that activity each group created a collage based on what they had learned about their artefacts before continuing on to the Greek Gallery. On the whole year 5 and their teachers had a positive learning experience and look forward to our next trip!