At Salam Nursery our aim is to promote confidence and independence in young children who will become resourceful, resilient learners ready for the next stage in their learning journey...

We ensure all children are provided with a safe and caring environment to learn in. We believe that better outcomes for children can be achieved when the partnership between the parent/carer and the nursery is much stronger. Your child’s progress and development is tracked and monitored with a dedicated key person who will also work in partnership with you.

The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum enables all children to learn through play and treat every child as unique. Observations are vital to track development and will be used to plan next steps for that individual child. All activities are set up to promote these seven areas of learning and a greater emphasis is made on the three prime areas of learning; PSED, CL and PD.

The Curriculum – EYFS

We follow the national curriculum as taught by all early years setting; The Early Years Foundation Stage. The seven areas of learning in the EYFS are as follows:

1. Personal Social and Emotional Development - PSED
2. Communication and Language -CL
3. Physical development - PD
4. Mathematics - M
5. Literacy - L
6. Expressive Arts and Design - EAD
7. Understanding the World - UW

Development and Progress

When your child starts nursery he or she will be allowed a settling period of 6 weeks, however during this time we would have completed an initial assessment of your child called the baseline assessment. Assessments are carried out 3 times a year to track the progress made by children and pick up on any areas that needs more concentration or specialist help.