Al Zahra Science Lesson

Children in Al Zahra have been learning about Changing State. The children observed what happened to water in a balloon when it was taken out of the freezer. They saw it change from a solid, when it was frozen, to a liquid, when it melted.The children also had the opportunity to see what happened to the water when it was heated up. Steam was produced, and water evaporated into gas particles. Children moved around the classroom looking at the glasses of water left out earlier in the day, and collected information about the amount of water remaining in each glass.

Student Council Elections

Taking their inspiration from UK parliament week, Al Murtada class prepared campaign posters and speeches for the student council elections. They were all very clear about the promises they made - some wanted to be elected so badly that they promised the moon! MashAllah politicians in the making!

Al Murtadha Maths and Parliament Week

Last week Al Murtada class celebrated maths and parliament by comparing the general elections of 2015 and 2017 while noting the changes that took place. It was a perfect opportunity for the students to practice drawing pie charts, bar graphs and turn results into percentages! Not only did they learn about democracy and the electoral process but also the importance of maths to the electoral system. Well done Al Murtada for all your hard work!

Black History Week

Students in Harrow Primary celebrated Black History Month by dedicating a week to studying famous black figures from history. The children showed great imagination and creativity by creating board games such as: Monopoly, Black History edition; Snap with famous black personalities; and Snakes and Ladders. Each year group worked on a separate project highlighting the life of black people who have made an impact on our lives.

Teamwork exercises

The children at HPS really enjoyed their teamwork exercises through moving the ball on the parachute to the different designated colours