Home Learning

Supporting Student Learning at Home

At Harrow Primary school we believe home learning consolidates and reinforces skills and understanding in Maths, English, languages and other curriculum areas. It helps raise the level of achievement of individual pupils, provides opportunities for parents and children to work together, thereby fostering an effective partnership between home and school. 

In support of Home Learning the school has its own Home-Learning Diary which each student is provided with at the beginning of the year to support their learning, we expect all parents to use this alongside their son/daughter to ensure the dialogue between Home-School is effective.

Another way to support Home Learning is to encourage our parents to get involved in their childrens learning. Some parents may not have been taught English Grammar at school so we have uploaded 'Grammar: A Parents' Guide' to help them and their children with learning grammar at home. 

We value the support of parents and have developed a policy which we hope will be successful in supporting a strong partnership between home and school.

HPS Home Learning Policy v2.0HPS Home Learning Policy v2.0.pdf
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Grammar: A Parents' GuideParents_Guide.pdf
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