Parent Communications

At Harrow Primary School we believe communication with parents is an essential ingredient to the student learning journey. That is why we invest in ensuring teachers and staff at the school are available to support, advise and guide both students and parents throughout the learning journey at Harrow Primary. We pride ourselves on our openness and personal attention to every child's needs. In addition to this personal contact the school uses Parentmail as an effective online means of communication.


ParentMail is the most effective parent communications and payment system available to schools. It’s so effective because of the way it works for parents, giving them one account where they receive information and make payments from every school, club or nursery their children attend.

This simplicity means parents use the system – and schools get the response they need.

ParentMail also save schools time and money by reducing paper usage, photocopying and phone calls to parents. Because ParentMail is web-based and can be used from any computer with internet access and there’s no software to install or maintain. 

Contact the school office with details on how to register for email communication from Harrow Primary School.


Parent Letters can also be located here..

Parents are reminded that at Harrow Primary School almost 100% of communication is via ParentMail, with some via our texting service ParentText - sign up via the school office for both these services.

16-09-16 Meet the Teacher.pdf
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09-09-16 End of First Week.pdf
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02-09-16 _ 2016-17 Academic Year.pdf
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19-07-16 End of Academic Year.pdf
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Reporting School KS2 results 2016.pdf
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30-06-16 End of Year Update.pdf
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22-06-16 Parents Evening.pdf
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27-05-16 End of Half Term.pdf
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10-05-16 Ramadan Schedule.pdf
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05-05-16 2016-17 Academic Year Enrolment.pdf
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28-04-16 Parent Reminders.pdf
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21-04-16 Additional Training Day.pdf
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22-03-16 End of Term Update and Reminders.pdf
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Adult Quran Club Letter.pdf
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18-03-16 Al-Ridha Foundation_Parent-Meeting Follow-Up.pdf
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14-03-16 Upcoming Event Reminders.pdf
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24-02-16 Safer Internet Day.pdf
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15-02-16 Spring Term Update.pdf
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01-02-16 Y1 Registration.pdf
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20-01-16 Parent Survey Feedback.pdf
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19-01-16 Revised Attendance Policy and Guidelines.pdf
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15-01-16 Al-Ridha Parent Meeting.pdf
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15-01-16 Health and Fitness Week.pdf
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11-01-16 Y6 Parents SATs Letter.pdf
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08-01-16 HPS.pdf
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