Year 5 Topic

Year 5, have started the new term with the topic; Where does all our stuff come from?

This week children researched; where does our fruit come from?, starting with a yummy tasting session.


Year 2 enjoyed experimenting with primary and secondary colours during their Art lesson. We discussed that the primary colours, red, blue and yellow, cannot be made by mixing colours together. However, those colours can be mixed to make secondary colours such as purple, green and orange. Children had a fantastic time making lovely shades of secondary colours!

Matchstick Maths

Year 1 enhanced their learning through various events as part of Maths Week, one of the activities was when children used match sticks and play dough to create their very own 3D shapes, including, cubes, cuboids and square-based pyramids!

A Cake for the Headteacher...

Yr 5 baked cakes as part of their Golden Time and made a very special one for the Headteacher - how lovely!

Year 6 Apprentice

Year 6 took part in an Apprentice style challenge, where they had to make and sell items for a tuck shop. They did really well and managed to raise £96.55