Year 3 Measurement

Year 3, one more time, refined their ideas and checked how they measure up measuring Mass, Capacity and volume and reading scales.

Year 4 Mathematical Games

Year 4 explored their very own creative and interesting mathematical games.  The children were challenged and keen to complete the task and see the end results. 

Y2 World Book Day

Year 2 enjoyed talking about the character they dressed up as for World Book Day. The children then re-enacted a short scene from their story books ensuring that their tone of voice and the resources they used, fitted well within their character's role. We had our very own Geography teacher who tested the children's knowledge about various countries with extra house points as the reward for answering questions. All the children participated enthusiastically!!

KS1 Library

KS1 were excited when the librarian offered to read them stories about Mother's Day during their visit to the library today. They heard how the characters in the three different  stories loved and respected their mums. KS1 also recited a nasheed about mums during the Charity Fitness Assembly for parents on Monday 29th February 2016.

Y1 Measuring

Year 1 used the standard unit centimetres to measure and record the height and length of various items around the classroom. This was the extension to measuring with cubes which is a non standard unit.