Y1 Healthy Eating

Year 1 made fresh fruit yoghurt which is much healthier than the shop-bought one that has too much sugar. First we chopped up different kinds of fruits. Then we blended them with fresh plain yoghurt. A dash of honey completed our recipe. The mango yoghurt was voted as the most scrumptious!! 

Fresh fruit juice lollies!


Year 1 made fresh fruit juice lollies as part of the 'wellbeing' theme during the health and fitness week. We discussed how 'added sugar' was bad for us and thought about healthier alternatives. We have also been learning how to write instructions using time words: First we squeezed the juicy oranges. Then we poured the juice into the moulds. After that, we put the moulds in the freezer. Finally we ate the delicious lollies!


Year 2 enjoyed learning about multiplication this week. They used arrays and objects to help them solve multiplication sums of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. 

Furry Visitors

Year 3 had invited some furry visitors, for their golden time! Hassan's 'Big' hamster's pups were brought in and year 3 were very keen to find out all about them - it was a very exciting afternoon!

3FF Visit

Year 5 and  6 had an interactive workshop led by 3FF ( 3 Faiths Forum). We heard fascinating life stories from people of other faith and looked at monuments that were special to them. The children were also set a task to find fifteen fruits that grow on trees! Now that is challenging!