Y5 - Energy Balance

Year 5 used their knowledge of healthy eating, the Eatwell Plate and energy to help Jordan & Nicola finish the day in energy balance! Students saw how the food they eat and what they 'do', affects energy balance.

Prophet Muhammad

Year 1 have been learning about Prophet Muhammed's first revelation as part of his birthday celebration!!

Y5 - Debate!

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a passionate debate in class. This was part of their English unit based around argument and debate. The topic for their debate was: 'Should students be allowed to use mobiles in the classroom?'

The Potato Journey

Year 2 enjoyed talking about the 'Topic' project they did for homework on 'The journey of potatoes'. They also shared interesting ideas of what could be made out of potatoes.

Seasons & Shadows

KS1 went for a visit to the Science Museum on 24th November. We had a fabulous time during the story-telling session that was linked to our science topic of 'Seasons and Shadows'. The historical artefacts gave us a good visual image of what things were like in the olden days. The water play  during the last session in the 'Garden' enabled us to experience and explore Forces and Movement.