Festive Art

In Year 1 we talked about the birth of Prophet Isa and related it to Christianity which Christians will be celebrating this month. The tree in the picture symbolises that Bibi Maryam then ate the dates as instructed by Allah (saw).

Roman History

Year 3 visited the Harrow Museum and had a go at excavation, restoration, creating their own plaques and going on a trail to find out Historical facts about the Romans.

Slam Poetry

Year 6 took part in a "Slam Poetry" competition. They enjoyed first writing their poem and then perfecting their actions to turn their poem into a performance. The class then gave everyone a score and Teacher Zayn announced the Winner. Well Done Youssuf - your score was 9.7...the highest!


Year 2 enjoyed learning about different types of fabric such as cotton, silk, nylon and polyester. They described the properties of the different fabrics and then used them in weaving beautiful and creative squares.

Joan Miro Art

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed painting their own patterns using bold colours just like the artist Joan Miro who they have been learning about this half term.