Friendship Stars

Year 1 thought about how and why they appreciate their friends and made stars to give to two of the friends they appreciate the most. Each child came up to the front, said who they made the star for and why; and then went to give the child the star - this was part of our PSHE lesson.

Ancient Civilisations

Year 6 worked really hard on their holiday homework presenting the history of Ancient Civilisations in a creative way. Everyone's presentation was very interesting and they all worked very hard...

Science Collage

Year 2 kicked off their Science lesson learning about uses of everyday materials. They looked at different materials such as metals, plastic, wood and paper and described properties of materials eventually making a collage.

Living and Growing

Year 1 marvelling at the branches of an acorn tree - one of the many creations of Allah. The acorn tree, with its different sized leaves and acorns, proved that the tree was growing and therefore it was living. We even found a ladybird sitting on one of the leaves!! This was part of our science topic - Living and Growing. 

Black History & Coding!

During Black History Week students had been tasked with creating a game around this topic....Dr Cooper, Y4 teacher, was stunned to be presented with a perfectly programmed online game by one of his students, Zaynab, its still available to play online: