Year 1 enjoyed their maths learning - they were measuring using a uniform non-standard unit. They estimated how many cubes long each 'snake' would be before they measured it.

Handwriting Competition

Harrow Primary Students won a prize in the BiC Handwriting Olympiad. Harrow Primary students entered and won prizes in a national handwriting competition supported by BiC, the pen manufacturer. During summer 2014-15 students from the school were selected for their quality of handwriting, a selection of scripts was made and submitted on behalf of the school. When the entries were drawn and the school informed it's students had won through to receive the gift box we were truly delighted.

Students have been developing their handwriting skills at school and we have a dedicated timetable allocation to support student's handwriting skills.....competitions and prizes add to the students experience! Well done to all the students at Harrow Primary for developing their handwriting skills and keep up the good writing....

HPS Vision

At Harrow Primary School our vision is to create a school of excellence where students develop their skills to become independent, lifelong learners, thinkers and leaders. We strive to ensure everyone feels valued and respected and our ethos brings together our children, community, staff and parents to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all.