HPS Registering for upcoming school year

We are pleased to announce that registration is still currently open for the upcoming academic school year! For those who are interested please register your interest to avoid disappointment by e-mailing us at!

Year 6 Oxygen Trip

Year 6 celebrated the end of SAT week by visiting Oxygen Free-jumping centre. Truly exhilarating experience for all!

Year 2 French Cuisine

Year 2 were super excited to taste food from the French cuisine for their Topic lesson. Some children thought the crepe was scrumptious and didn't really like the mangetout. They had a wonderful time and gave the French cuisine a thumbs up!!

Year 6 Science

Year 6 made DNA models while learning about Scientists and their inventions

Year 5 Maths Lesson

During Year 5s Maths lesson they used centimetre cubes to build cuboids so that they can work out the volume.