Year 5 Art and History

Year 5 have been busy merging Art and History lessons together by designing and creating their own viking shields!

Year 2 healthy salad

Year 2 had a wonderful time making a healthy salad using the cress they grew in class. They used lettuce, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, seeds and the star ingredient class grown cress to make their yummy salad. They thought the salad was delicious and took home the rest of their cress to enjoy with their family!!

Year 1 Number Bonds

Year 1 look very busy in their Maths lesson learning about number bonds!

Year 6 World Book Day

Year 6 were in the hot seat as they spoke about some of their favourite characters from their favourite reading books. They also wrote character sketches to celebrate World Book Day. 

Year 6 Poetry

Year 6 have been studying the poem The Tyger by William Blake. This week they wowed the class by writing and presenting their own Tiger poem!