Year 2 Plant Observation

Year 2 enjoyed observing plants in their science lesson. They drew the plant, labelled it and wrote a description of the plant.

Year 2 Creative Healthy Lunchbox

Year 2 have impressed Ms Hassan with their creative healthy lunchbox. The children used soft sculpture to create healthy food to put inside their lunchbox. They also thought of a name for their lunchbox that is related to both health and fitness. They had a great time sharing their lunchbox with their friends!

Year 2 Tasty English Lesson

Year 2 had a fantastic English lesson tasting different fruits to get them buzzing with adjectives to describe them. It was the first time for some children to taste kiwi. They loved the fruit and said it was juicy, sweet and delicious!

Creative Science Club

The Creative Science Club went off with a BANG, this week!!  All the young creative and scientific minds present made snowflakes and used them in their snowman scenery and loved every minute!

Year 1 Ordinal Numbers

Year 1 have been learning about ordinal numbers. We had 3 minutes to write our numbers down organize ourselves in a queue ready for lunch time. Sammy displayed excellent organisational skills.