Year 2 Planting Seeds in Science

Year 2 planted cress seeds in their science lesson. We put some cotton in the pot and watered it using a spoon. We then spread the cress seeds evenly on the cotton and watered it again. We have placed the pots in a warm spot in the classroom. We are very excited and can't wait for the cress to grow!!

Creative Science Club Volcanoes

Creative Science Club is about to erupt in the next session with lava! In preparation for the event the club members were busy today painting their hardened volcanoes.

Creative Science Club

The Creative Science Club went off with a BANG, this week!!  All the young creative and scientific minds present made snowflakes and used them in their snowman scenery and loved every minute!

Year 6 Human Rights!

Year 6 discussed Human rights as part of Human Rights week. We had a mini debate and discussed what we thought were our most important rights. We then created personalised posters with our most important rights!

WE London Assembly

A group of year 5 and 6 children went to City hall for the WE youth summit.  This Youth Summit was a chance for bright, passionate young people to come together and gain the resources and knowledge they need to create change in their local communities.