Year 6 Tropical Trees

Year 6 enjoyed using craft materials to make tropical trees. We used tissue paper, coloured card and wire to create our trees. Mrs Gulamhusein is so impressed with their creativity! 

Year 6 TFL

Year 2 Properties of Materials

Year 2's investigation about the properties of materials led them to a conclusion that depending on the force applied, the objects either changed shape or stayed the same. Squashing, bending, twisting and stretching were some of the actions used on objects like play dough, sponges, straws, pipe cleaners and towels.

Year 2 Maths Week

Year 2 were very excited to share their Maths Week Homework, 'fraction games', with Year 1 during 'golden time'. They had a fantastic time sharing the fun and learning about 'fractions' in such an entertaining way. Year 1 took part in playing board games and puzzles. They loved the timed fraction game in which children had to match picture cards to the right fraction. The children have worked very hard. Well done!

Year 2 Sequences

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed a creative afternoon during Maths Week. They chose to paint 2-D shapes keeping in mind patterns and sequences. Some children decided to make a sequence of colours whilst others opted for a spotty pattern. The lovely rectangles, squares, triangles and pentagons have been put together to make a mobile as a display in the classroom. Fabulous work Year 2!!