Year 6 Human Rights!

Year 6 discussed Human rights as part of Human Rights week. We had a mini debate and discussed what we thought were our most important rights. We then created personalised posters with our most important rights!

WE London Assembly

A group of year 5 and 6 children went to City hall for the WE youth summit.  This Youth Summit was a chance for bright, passionate young people to come together and gain the resources and knowledge they need to create change in their local communities.

Autumn Leaves Yr 2

Year 2 enjoyed their Art lesson creating an autumn leaf collage. They drew and cut a simple leaf shape on card. They then ripped up pieces of red, yellow and orange tissue paper, scrunched them up and glued them on. Well done Year 2!!

Year 6 Tropical Trees

Year 6 enjoyed using craft materials to make tropical trees. We used tissue paper, coloured card and wire to create our trees. Mrs Gulamhusein is so impressed with their creativity! 

Year 6 TFL