Fraction Jeapardy

Year 6 enjoyed using laptops to play fraction jeopardy! The more difficult the questions the more points they received. Year 6 are officially fraction professors!

Material Scientists

Year 2's science investigation on the 'uses of everyday materials' led them outside into the playground. Each object they found was scrutinised for its property and use. They discovered that many of the different objects they found were made of plastic.

Year 3 Autumn Art

Year 3 designing their Autumn leaves during their Art lesson.

Year 2 Art

Year 2 enjoyed their Art lesson creating an autumn leaf collage. They drew and cut a simple leaf shape on card. They then ripped up pieces of red, yellow and orange tissue paper, scrunched them up and glued them on. Well done Year 2!!

Year 3 Mini Compost Bin

Year 3 are busy in creating their Mini Compost Bin