Railway Children - Theatre Trip

Year 5 and 6 went to watch the "The Railway Children" at Kings Theatre. It was spectacular with a real steam train and the set was on a real train track! We all thoroughly enjoyed the story which linked to our literacy unit!

Seasons in a box

Year 2 enjoyed an afternoon creating 'seasons in a box' during their Topic lesson. They used resources linked to their allocated season to design their boxes. Children designing an autumn box used conkers and autumn coloured leaves whilst children allocated to spring season used green leaves and blossoms. Fantastic work Year 2!

Tanagrams !

Year 3 have been exploring Tangrams and using their learning on shapes to solve puzzles, they have enjoyed the challenge and are still looking to find different ways of making triangles using 7 different 2D shapes….

3FF Houses of Parliament Launch

The Headteacher was delighted to attend 3FF's inaugural launch of its Faith School Linking Programme on Thursday 13th October in Westminster.

Faith School Linking provides students of different faiths, beliefs and cultures with sustainable opportunities to meet and learn from each other through meaningful exchange. The programme actively supports teachers in cultivating essential skills for effective interfaith and intercultural work in the classroom and beyond, increasing recognition and respect for different beliefs and cultures.

The event was hosted by William Wragg MP, and was attended by a selected number of leaders in education, including policy, teachers, students, relevant MP’s and faith leaders engaged in interfaith work.

Harrow Primary's work on this front can be located here:

My African Mask!

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic time at their African mask-making workshop. They learned that each colour had a significant meaning and that each tribe used a different design. They got very creative designing their very own masks!!