Year 6 have been baking!

Year 6 have been baking! We made bread in lots of different shapes! The bread was delicious; good enough for a HPS bakery!

Year 6 Pizza Party!

Year 6 had a pizza party to celebrate all their hard work after Sats! Teacher Zayn is very proud of them and would like to thank the parents for all their support!

Growing plants!

Year 1 have been keeping a diary to monitor the growth of their plants. Every week, each plant was measured and the number of leaves counted amidst amazement and awe. The spinach leaves were even tasted and given a great thumbs up!!


Remember to continue looking after your plants at home now!

Puppet Show

Art group and student council paired up to create a theoretical puppet show on the theme of respect. Students and teachers alike enjoyed the fantastic performance.   


Year 1's Challenge Obstacle Course

During PSHE, Year 1 were set a challenge obstacle course around the room. However, each pair was linked together with a ruler at first, and then holding hands back to back. The idea was to practically understand that our actions have a bearing on the people around us and the children experimented with walking sideways as well as one person leading.

One child decided that he was not very good at being led because he could not see where he was going and did not trust his partner. This led to a new discussion about being good friends.