My African Mask!

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic time at their African mask-making workshop. They learned that each colour had a significant meaning and that each tribe used a different design. They got very creative designing their very own masks!!

Black History Week

Years 5 and 6 had an absolute blast making African masks. This activity is linked to our black history week; the children are studying about people of black origin and learning about the impact they made in the world!

School-made Tiramisu

Year 6 made tiramisu as part of our instructions unit. We will then be writing our very own recipe to make this mouth- watering tiramisu!

High Ramp, Low Ramp !

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed investigating the relationship between the distance a vehicle travels with the height and surface of a ramp. Children correctly predicted that the vehicle would go down faster from a higher ramp and when the surface of the ramp was smooth and slippery. They were thrilled when their predictions proved to be correct after their investigations. Brilliant work year 2!!

Year 1 Art!

Year 1 were inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy who creates art using natural materials. They had a fabulous time planning and creating their own land art outdoors using natural objects, such as pebbles and pinecones. Some children managed to do several pieces of land art using ideas from Andy's structures!