Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, they inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. Harrow Primary School, at its inception, elected to stay within the Ofsted regime as it believes this framework serves the schools, parents and staff needs to strengthen the work of the school for the betterment of the education of its students.

Below are some statements from our latest visit report, conducted in January, 2017...

Pupil Achievement and Behaviour

“By the end of year 6, pupils make good progress in Mathematics.”

“Pupils have positive attitudes to learning. They actively participate in learning activities and are proud of their work.”

“Pupils are motivated by rewards they receive for good behaviour. Pupils took great pleasure in explaining the traffic lights and stars system to the inspectors. Pupils take responsibility for their own behaviour and this has a positive impact on their personal development and learning.”

Quality of Learning & Curriculum

“Classrooms provide a positive learning environment for pupils. There are stimulating displays which celebrate the achievements of pupils and subject information.”

"the quality of their [the students] creative writing is high."

“Teachers make effective use of resources, including computers, to support pupils’ learning.”


“…the new headteacher has a clear vision for pupils to grow up and contribute to society, as British citizens and as members of the Muslim Community.”

“Leaders encourage pupils to develop their imagination and creativity.”

“Staff morale is high. They are very supportive of the new headteacher.”

Download our latest Ofsted ReportHPS Ofsted inspection Jan 2017.PDF
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It is obviously very disappointing for all members of staff that the outcome of the inspection has found that the school is inadequate. One of the main reasons for this is due to the neglect of responsiblity by the former Headteaher and Deputy Headteacher who have now left the school. This point is also clearly refelcted in the Ofsted report. However, it must be said that now all staff in school are committed to providing the best education for the children of Harrow Primary School.

The new school management committee has already taken steps to address the issues the report raised. Since the report was received the following has been addressed:


  • All vetting checks on teachers are in progress. All teachers have a valid DBS.
  • All teachers will receive in-house training on Monday 27th of March from members of Harrow Council Safeguarding team
  • 3 senior members of staff have been booked to attend a nominated person safeguarding course in April – also run by Harrow Council.
  • Leavers are being followed up thoroughly and any children missing from education are being reported to Harrow Council.


  • Teachers have had inset days dedicated to reading and improving children’s reading and comprehension in class.
  • Teachers have told students they need to read a wider variety of books to improve their vocabulary and help with their writing.
  • Big Write and Talk Homework are being re-introduced fortnightly concentrating on different genres.
  • Teachers are now required to set harder extension work for more able students not simply longer pieces at the same level.
  • Year 3 and 4 Maths is to be more challenging on the whole to allow for quicker progress and easier transition into upper key stage 2.
  • Thanks to the PTA cake sale, new science resources have been purchased to allow for more practical science activities.

An action plan is in place to improve the school and address ALL the points raised by the report.

Inshallah, now is the time to look forward and continue to address the issues that parents are most concerned about – that is ensuring that the children of Harrow Primary School receive the high quality education that they deserve in a safe environment where all children are supported to reach their potential.