Our Vision and Ethos

School Vision

At Harrow Primary School our vision is to create a school of excellence where students develop their skills to become independent, lifelong learners, thinkers and leaders.

We strive to ensure everyone feels valued and respected and our ethos brings together our children, community, staff and parents to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all.

Our aspiration is to make every day a rewarding, creative and unique experience; inspired by our inclusive and welcoming Islamic faith everyone is encouraged to grow intellectually, morally and spiritually.

Aims and Ethos

At Harrow Primary School it is our aim to establish an educational establishment that will meet the needs of many families from the Islamic and, other faith groups in the multicultural borough of Harrow.

The mission for our school is one which:

  • ensures academic excellence for all our students regardless of their abilities
  • provides a values based education that is consistent with respect and good citizenship within British society
  • ensures the spiritual and moral development of our students, delivered within the Islamic atmosphere of care and compassion

It is our aim that all of our students develop as confident individuals, outstanding achievers, and responsible citizens.

  • create an outstanding learning environment and exceptional, personalised learning experiences where the learning methodology fits the students’ learning needs
  • celebrate the diversity of ethnicities within our school and ensure they provide a stimulus for learning and a source of empowerment including welcoming other faith groups at the school
  • develop student voice and leadership, instilling courage, confidence, independence and resilience
  • reach out to our local community and provide an educational ‘hub’ of learning for the locality
  • ensure we offer places regardless of faith and prioritise places for the needy and vulnerable, including students who may have special requirements

The school aims and ethos will be built on the core Islamic values of Wisdom, Respect, Tolerance, Fairness, Generosity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Courage, and Truth – these are the bedrock of our school and influence all behaviours in the school for adults and students.

Harrow Primary School is managed by Alridha Foundation, a charitable organisation based in north west London.