The below is not an exhaustive list of school policies or documents but the key documents that may be helpful and required by parents, further information is available in the School prospectus or via the school office e.g. the school Accessibility Plan, Premises Plan or similar information. Copies of school policies are available in printed form upon request from the school office.

How to gain entry to our school...HPS Admissions Policy v3.0.pdf
PDF 330.26 KB Download
No Bullies Welcome...HPS Anti-Bullying Policy v3.0.pdf
PDF 344.62 KB Download
The What, When, Where...in learning!HPS Assessment and Moderation Policy v4.0.pdf
PDF 321.05 KB Download
Never be late for school..HPS Attendance and Late Policy v4.0.pdf
PDF 327.14 KB Download
Behave or else...HPS Positive Behaviour Policy v5.0.pdf
PDF 275.04 KB Download
Oh No! Maths...HPS Calculation Policy v3.0.pdf
PDF 444.34 KB Download
We hope you never have to...HPS Complaints Policy v6.0.pdf
PDF 319.99 KB Download
Annual Register of Formal Complaints 2016-17HPS Annual Register of Formal Complaints 2016-2017.pdf
PDF 192.93 KB Download
What we teach...HPS Curriculum Policy v3.pdf
PDF 268.14 KB Download
What we do and don't do with your data...HPS Data Protection Policy v4.0.pdf
PDF 467.4 KB Download
Cyber-Safety...HPS E-Safety Policy v4.0.pdf
PDF 396.88 KB Download
Haaandriting aNd preZentation POLICYHPS Handwriting and Presentation Policy v1.pdf
PDF 230.33 KB Download
We care...HPS Health and Safety Policy v5.0.pdf
PDF 531.11 KB Download
Eat well, feel well.HPS Healthy Eating Policy v3.0.pdf
PDF 255.02 KB Download
Homework!HPS Home Learning Policy v3.0.pdf
PDF 254.17 KB Download
Inclusive is our ethosHPS Inclusion Policy v5.0.pdf
PDF 240.81 KB Download
Open the file to learn about the acronym...HPS PSHE Policy v4.0.pdf
PDF 326.8 KB Download
Keeping our children safe...HPS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy v7.0.pdf
PDF 892.14 KB Download
Mind, Body and Spirit...HPS Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Policy v2.0.pdf
PDF 603.86 KB Download
We enjoy outdoor learning...HPS Trips and Visits Policy v3.0.pdf
PDF 393.73 KB Download
Please ensure your child wears...HPS Uniform Policy v4.0.pdf
PDF 126.06 KB Download
To read how we behave...HPS Code of Conduct v3.0.pdf
PDF 383.5 KB Download