Welcome to Harrow Primary School's PTA!

The PTA has been set up to raise funds for activities and equipment for the enjoyment of all of the children at the school. All parents automatically become PTA members. You can contact us with ideas and suggestions by emailing us, alternatively you can speak to your class PTA representative. (Rep names will be posted here shortly)

Why do we have a PTA?

The PTA is an integral part of the school community and promotes the school ethos, it aims to provide closer links between home and school. It is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together. One of the main objectives of the PTA is fundraising for the school, in particular specific projects for our children and supporting new school developments.

What the PTA has achieved so far:

The PTA at HPS was established in 2013, very early upon the school's opening. As you know we are a small community and rely greatly on parental input but together we have managed to do a lot of fundraising for the school via successful cake sales, Eid dinner's and summer fair's and the bags for school recycling scheme

The money that we raise goes towards events and equipment for the school children. We managed to raise some money towards an outdoor notice board and lots of children's garden equipment and sports equipment.

Role of the committee

The PTA office roles are comprised of the chair, secretary and treasurer. We are always looking for new parents to become an active part of the PTA, as well as PTA member representatives from each year group. Every year we aim to have an annual general meeting where everyone is invited to hear in more detail about events run, and how the money has been spent. It is also the occasion when we elect our PTA committee.

How you can get involved

As a parent of the school you are automatically part of the PTA, but if you think you could spare any of your time or skills to-wards our activities and events we would be happy to have you on board! We don't want you to always give up hours of your time, but rather anything that you can spare. If you have a particular skill or job that you think is useful for one of our activi-ties, please do let us know!

In particular big events like the summer fair need lots of hands on deck! If you think you could help us run a stall, or make a cake for a cake sale then that would be great!