Student Council

School councils give most young people an early opportunity to experience democracy and active participation in the decision making process which affects their lives at school. At Harrow Primary School we introduced a School Council from our first year of opening and now have a dedicated teacher responsible for supporting the ongoing work of the School Council.

The Harrow Primary Student Council was first started when the school opened in 2012. The School Council holds annual elections during the first half-term of the Autumn Term and we have emembers elected from every year group. Every member of the Council has been involved and works hard to instil a democratic style to do everything; from electing the members to collecting and reading suggestions, developing and selecting good ideas to organising trips to the Houses of Parliament.

2015-2016 Harrow Primary Student Council

School Student Council presented their pledge to the Harrow Primary School Community today. After recognising the suggestion process, they communicated their role as School Councillors: Hawra (Yr 1) remembered that she will be meeting weekly, Zahra (Yr2) recognised that she will be responsible for bringing the suggestions to the meeting, Sumaiya (Yr 3) will help her younger sisters by reading and sorting the suggestions, Musa (Yr 4) will be the New Speaker, Adil (Yr 5) the new Secretary and lastly Yousuf (Yr 6) the Chairman.


2014-2015 Harrow Primary Student Council

"In the Student Council, we listen to children’s ideas and we try to do our best to implement them. It is fun to organise stuff like clubs and competitions and also making things.” Ahmed – Chairman School Student Council

“We change the school’s appearance; we try to do our best to make playground a fun place for all the children. I take my meetings seriously.” Taha – Note taker and IT Assistant

“We listen to ideas and if we can do them, then we talk to the head teacher and try to persuade him to give permission.” Mohammad - Spokesperson

“I am the youngest member of the SSC and I love getting the suggestions from the suggestion box. I am excited about the competition!” Sara - Suggestion Box Collector

“I am the most punctual member of the council and come up with great ideas, Mrs. Ajmal says.” Zainab - Ideas Collector