Year 3

This term we are learning about:

English & Maths: Monday 15th May - Friday 26th May 2017


  • To discuss and record features of an adventure story.
  • To identify and define fronted adverbials?
  • Group reading of the adventure story titled ‘The Hodgeheg’ – each child gets a chance to read
  • To write a dialogue from the adventure story using correct punctuation.
  • To rehearse using different expressions and voices
  • To identify and define compound words?
  • To extend sentences with adverbs and fronted adverbials
  • To re-write an extract of the story changing the role of one character.
  • To write a start on their own adventure story (will progress to the middle and end – time allowing)
  • SPAG: To understand the use of Adverbs, Adverbials and compound words and incorporate them into their writing.


  • To recognise and describe 2-D shapes
  • To recognise and describe 3-D shapes
  • To Count faces, vertices and edges of 3D shapes
  • To recognise half turns, three quarter turns and whole turns as number of right angles.
  • To solve questions using a protractor and compass
  • To begin to understand and start to measure angles in shapes.
  • To draw 3-D shapes
  • To revise horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines
  • To sort shapes according to whether they have parallel lines, perpendicular lines or both.
  • To solve geometry word problems
  • To identify and make 3-D shapes
  • To make a start on interpreting data using pictograms
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