Year 4

This term we are learning about:

English & Maths: Monday 12th June - Thursday 22nd June 2017


  • To understand the rules of a debate
  • To take part in a debate
  • To understand the different use of the present perfect
  • To understand meaning of standard English
  • To review homophones
  • To use apostrophe S in plural and singular forms
  • To write a persuasive peice about zoos
  • Revision
  • Assessments


  • To begin to interpret and present change over time in graphs
  • To interpret data presented in a bar chart
  • To solve problems using information presented in bar charts
  • To compare and classify angles
  • To describe movements between positions on a 2D grid
  • To multiply an amount of money using a written method
  • To divide an amount of money using a written method
  • Revision
  • Assessments

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