Year 5

This term we are learning about:

English & Maths: Monday 12th June - Thursday 22nd June 2017


  • List features of poetry that writers use for effect.
  • Group read a range of poems on a theme.
  • Collect favourite words and phrases used in poems on a theme by using a thesaurus.
  • Write a poem and Convert poetry into descriptive prose.
  • Expand simple sentences using elaborated descriptive language.
  • Collate facts about a historical event and Write descriptions of dramatic pictures.
  • Listen to a classic poem and Paint/draw to express their feelings.
  • Identify powerful imagery words or phrases and Write a descriptive passage.
  • Plan a poem about an event from a particular point of view.
  • Use poetry to describe feelings and Draft a poem.
  • Review and edit poem then Present a finished version of their poem.



  • Understand and use equivalence to compare and order fractions
  •  Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers
  • Add and subtract mixed numbers with related denominators
  • Revise short division of 4-digit numbers, expressing remainders as fractions;
  • Find and use ratios
  • Use a calculator and interpret the display.
  • Use the memory button on a calculator.
  • Solve problems requiring scaling by simple fractions
  • Revise column addition of whole numbers, decimals and money
  •  Revise column subtraction of whole numbers and counting up (Frog) to subtract decimals including money; Choose a method
  • Revise place value in numbers with three decimal places; Convert between kilograms and grams, litres and millilitres, metres and kilometres
  • Investigate recurring decimals and rounding errors on a calculator.
  • Revise mental methods to calculate word problems involving all four operations
  • Solve single and multi-step problems, working out which calculation(s) are necessary
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