Year 6

This term we are learning about:

English & Maths: Monday 5th June - Friday 16th June 2017


  • To use inference, deduction and comparison to build knowledge of characters, themes, plots, and the use of language and performance in Shakespeare’s plays
  • To create a set design
  • To plan and write a short story entitled ‘Bottom’s Dream’
  • To think about the body language and facial expressions to create a tableau
  • To create a comic strip with speech bubbles for display
  • Can I use prefixes involving the use of hyphen
  • To participate in discussion about books, building on my own and other’s ideas and challenging controversies with reasoning
  • To read, understand and learn from a wide range of poetry
  • To learn longer poems by heart


  • To change freely between related standard units [for example time, length, area, volume/capacity, mass]
  • To use scale factors, scale diagrams and maps
  • To express one quantity as a fraction of another, where the fraction is less than 1 and greater than 1
  • To use ratio notation, including reduction to simplest form
  • To understand that a multiplicative relationship between two quantities can be expressed as a ratio or a fraction
  • Torelate the language of ratios and the associated calculations to the arithmetic of fractions and to linear functions
  • To solve problems involving percentage change, including: percentage increase, decrease and original value problems and simple interest in financial mathematics
  • To solve problems involving direct and inverse proportion, including graphical and algebraic representations
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